About Cluj Startups

Our mission is to support the local startups, events and communities, to create visibility over the ecosystem and to facilitate communication between members.

Support startups

We want to support the local startups through access to our network (investors, mentors, possible employees), through educational support or visibility in the community.

Promote events

We give a helping hand in promoting different types of events/conferences meant to empower the startup ecosystem from Cluj-Napoca and Romania overall.

Facilitate contacts

We partner with other startup communities, accelerators, venture capital funds, startup conferences and succesful business owners who could help your startup.

Attract external

We'll do our best to promote the local startup ecosystem, the opportunities existing and get people from the ourside to know more about the startups in Cluj.

Educational events

We sponsor and create events meant for a startup to have the chance to expand its knowledge by learning from other more experienced entrepreneurs.

Have fun and enjoy

We want to do all these by having fun and enjoying the work we do :-D

Meet Our Volunteering Team

Mircea Vadan


Vlad Icleanu

Operations Manager

Victor Motogna

Marketing manager

Alex Selejan

Startup Liason.

Cosmin Pruteanu

IT Manager

Delia Nicula

HR Manager

Victor Avram

Coordinator of FinTech Camp

Andra Lazar

Marketing Specialist

Andreia Zota

Graphic Designer

Alex Balas

Event Coordinator

Titus Ardeleanu

Event Coordinator

Sonia Marcu

Event Coordinator

Vlad Negrean


Alexandra Peculea


Alex Zaharia


Contact Us

We're opened to collaboration with parties interested in what's happening here. In case you want to connections, recommendations or just to visit/meet people drop us an email.